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I started working with Rob my sophomore year and did not finish until the fall of my senior year. Rob is the greatest tutor I have ever had not only because of his intelligence but also because of his patience.

With Rob's guidance, I was able to bring up my ACT score by 10 points, and I know getting into my reach college would have been incredibly difficult without his guidance. Rob truly is an incredible tutor, and I would recommend him to anyone who needs the help.

Lily G. - Darien, CT

I highly recommend Rob Pollak as an ACT tutor! Rob is extremely knowledgeable about the test and was patient and supportive when guiding me through increasing my understanding of how to effectively prepare for the ACT.

Rob was able to understand my style of learning and presented the information in a way that I could easily understand. He provided me with the strategies I needed to successfully take the test.  Rob continuously challenged me and made me feel more confident. He was instrumental in helping me improve from a 31 on a practice test to a 35 on my first ACT!

Sydney W. - Demarest, NJ

Working with Rob was an absolute pleasure! His approach to the material was creative and non-intimidating. He helped me learn from my mistakes to ultimately improve my scores.

In addition, the skills I developed through studying with Rob helped me transform into a stronger and more confident high school student. I plan to take these skills to college and beyond!

Yali B. - Scarsdale, NY

Rob Pollak was the perfect tutor for my daughter.  After she scores a 31 on her initial practice test, Rob set a challenging but realistic schedule for her the summer after her sophomore year. He was very professional, patient and supportive. 

Rob was able to assist her in all the sections of the ACT, not only with content and strategy but most importantly confidence. He was always available to both of us and was especially motivating the week leading up to the ACT.  She scored a 35 and was beyond thrilled.  He was the first person she wanted to tell the morning the results came out! 

Thanks again! 

Kristie W. - Demarest, NJ

After hearing the praises of Rob Pollak from others in my community I hired him to work with my daughter.  I now am one of his most vocal supporters.  He was reliable and  flexible with my teen’s ever changing schedule.  With his help her ACT scores went up and she has been accepted into the school and program of her dreams!  Thank you Rob!!

Melissa F. - Stamford, CT

Rob was great to work with, and helped to greatly increase my SAT score and land me into my dream school. I was able to work with Rob on several SAT practice tests as well as several questions that could not be found in an SAT book.

Rob motivated me and pushed me to keep practicing and even though I took the SAT a number of times, each time my scores improved greatly.

I recommend Rob to all who wish to achieve a better SAT score and to actually enjoy doing it along the way.

Duncan J. - Greenwich, CT

Rob Pollak tutored my son last summer about 6-8 times, and his scores came up by more than 100 points! Rob was always punctual, professional, and nice. He is energized, focused, and direct, and he connects well with teens.

We really enjoyed working with him and found him to be immensely helpful!

Louisa W. - Greenwich, CT

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for Rob Pollak's work with my son. My son's SAT scores improved tremendously under Rob's guidance, as did his confidence.

Rob was a total pleasure - encouraging, funny, and focused. Every session was a productive one. I just wanted to let you know how grateful we are.

Janet S. - Mamaroneck, NY

My daughter said Rob Pollak was the best tutor she ever had. Rob has a ton of patience and stays focused on results.

I appreciate his flexibility in tutoring time slots, such as early Saturday or Sunday mornings. And the sessions were at our house, which made it easier for our entire family.

Laura B. - Greenwich, CT

I’ve never met a more helpful or effective educator/tutor than Rob Pollak. He has done the impossible in tutoring my son who has learning issues and did not want to be in school at all.

Rob is a fantastic communicator of concepts and work organization. He walks through the door with a positive attitude and relates well to both the kids and parents.

Susan N. - Darien, CT

Rob Pollak was a truly amazing ACT tutor. My daughter took her first practice ACT and scored a 24.

After working one on one for several months with Rob, she just got her April ACT score back and hit at 30!  6 points up!! A score beyond our wildest dreams and expectations.

Rob knew just how to maximize my daughter's strengths to get her to her highest score possible.  He is totally brilliant, and I would recommend

him highly to anyone!

Leslie M. - Stamford, CT

Rob Pollak is the best SAT tutor - hands down!

Even though we didn't live close, Rob Skyped with my son, and it made all the difference. He taught my son how to decode the SAT and took all of his anxiety and fear away.

Rob has years of experience and taught my son the tools and knowledge he needed to get over a 2300 on his first SAT and 800s on subsequent SAT subject tests. Rob gave my son the confidence not to be intimated by exams!

Most of all, Rob cares about his students - he wanted to know how my son did and talked to him after the test.  I highly recommend Rob Pollak - it's worth it for the one-on-one attention he gives your child!

Hope D. - New Brunswick, NY

Rob Pollak is a fantastic person and tutor. He takes the time to understand each student he works with and comes up with a plan to motivate and teach each as an individual.

He was able to help increase both of our boys SAT scores considerably. Most of all, Rob cares about what he does, and the students he teaches realize that, which motivates them even more. 

I highly recommend Rob as a tutor.

Amy J. - Greenwich, CT

I recently completed an MBA application which, of course, required multiple essays. I hadn’t written an actual essay in quite a while.  I knew I wanted a professional, experienced writer’s guidance, so I went straight to Carrie for help.  Her advice was invaluable.  She helped me ensure each essay’s structure was logical and that each assertion I made was properly supported.  Carrie pointed out areas where I was relying on business jargon and helped me describe my professional experience and goals in a way that would make sense to anyone – even people not in the industry.  In the end, I was confident in my essays, thanks to Carrie's help.  Not only would I use her again, but I would highly recommend her to anyone.  Thanks Carrie!  I got in!

Allison G. - New York, NY

Carrie is an amazing writing teacher and helped me tremendously while I wrote my college essays. Carrie pointed out grammatical errors, helped me develop a strong thesis statement, and taught me to write with persuasiveness and eloquence.  She showed me examples of quality writing and was honest with what material to cut from the essay.  It was Carrie's assistance and encouragement that allowed me to submit a strong and convincing essay and grow as a writer.

Daniel C. - Los Angeles, CA

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Testimonials: Testimonial

Ilya, - NJ

Hello Rob!

Wow, the last we talked was November of last year! Since then I got accepted into the respective business schools of Villanova, Indiana University, Rutgers New Brunswick, and Fordham. I am going to Rutgers Business with a hefty state grant.

When I reached out for help on Reddit of all places I never expected anyone to spend hours of their day, even so a whole month, to help some stranger on the internet. I always thought of what you did for me and at some point in the school year I tutored someone in Algebra II because of what you did.

When I first began all of this test prep I was adamant that a tutor was incontrovertibly needed for success. I spent a combined $400 on two of my initial tutors-- that was the total cost of all my test prep books!-- and I came away empty handed feeling I had--literally-- learned nothing. However when you were helping me I seemed to grasp every word and always left each skype session feeling I learned something.

The reason for why that was might have been because of my penchant for self teaching. Given the choice of teaching myself a subject (provided I am given the resources) and being taught a subject I would teach myself almost every time. I was never the kid in class who asked how do you do this question/ problem. I was intrigued with the answer of why the answer is such. The question I ask my teachers most is “what other alternatives can I take to solve this problem.”. When you were helping me out you weren’t throwing answers in my face and answering the how’s before the whys. You guided me along and that is why I think it went so successfully.

This is really long letter and the best TL;DR I can come with is this: Thank you for everything.

Thank you Rob,

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