I’ve never met a more helpful or effective educator/tutor than Rob Pollak. He has done the impossible in tutoring my son who has learning issues and did not want to be in school at all.

Rob is a fantastic communicator of concepts and work organization. He walks through the door with a positive attitude and relates well to both the kids and parents.

Rob Pollak was a truly amazing ACT tutor. My daughter Roni took her first practice ACT and scored a 24.

After working one on one for several months with Rob, she just got her April ACT score back and hit at 30!  6 points up!! A score beyond our wildest dreams and expectations.

Rob knew just how to maximize Roni's strengths to get her to her highest score possible.  He is totally brilliant and I would recommend
him highly to anyone!

Susan N. - Darien, CT

Leslie M. - Stamford, CT

Rob Pollak is the best SAT tutor - hands down!

Even though we didn't live close, Rob Skyped with my son, and it made all the difference. He taught my son how to decode the SAT and took all of his anxiety and fear away.

Rob has years of experience and taught my son the tools and knowledge he needed to get over a 2300 on his first SAT and 800s on subsequent SAT subject tests. Rob gave my son the confidence not to be intimated by exams!

Most of all, Rob cares about his students - he wanted to know how my son did and talked to him after the test.  I highly recommend Rob Pollak - it's worth it for the one-on-one attention he gives your child!

Rob Pollak is a fantastic person and tutor. He takes the time to understand each student he works with and comes up with a plan to motivate and teach each as an individual.

He was able to help increase both of our boys SAT scores considerably. Most of all, Rob cares about what he does, and the students he teaches realize that, which motivates them even more. 

I highly recommend Rob as a tutor.

Hope D. - New Windsor, NY

Amy J. - Greenwich, CT